RCT Case Study DPS June 2018


On 22nd and 23rd March 2018 the Youth Engagement and Participation Service was assessed and achieved the Quality Mark for Youth Work in Wales at Gold Level. The YEP Service demonstrated a Good Practice Grade against each of the Quality Mark indicators.


The assessment process involved a review of the organisation’s self-assessment and associated evidence, meetings with young people, staff and stakeholders and attending the annual young people’s celebration event.  At the end of the assessment one of the assessors found six words to describe the YEP Service and the characteristics of the management team and staff which they believed captured the success of our approach: Leadership, Innovative, Flexible, Responsive, Committed and Passionate.


The feedback from the assessment highlighted  that the YEP Service regularly assesses value for money and cost effectiveness of the service and this is assisted through our use of the Dynamic Purchasing System, which ensures that a wide range of opportunities are offered to young people, based on their needs and provided at a lower cost. These savings are then creatively used to improve opportunities for young people, such as the purchase of two inflatable domes, which are used to offer youth provision to young people in their communities or for community events across RCT.


The DPS is a system that was flagged as good practice during the Gold Quality Mark assessment. In 2014 the YEP Service introduced a procurement framework, which included a list of external organisations that had been quality assured to be able to deliver provision to young people.  All external organisations had to go through a competitive tendering process to win the contract and deliver the activity/provision for the service.  This process drove down costs for the service; however, still ensured the quality of provision was offered.  The YEP service developed the framework further and now utilises a new Dynamic Purchasing System, which was implemented in September 2017.  The new system allows for more flexibility to add external providers as and when required, but still allows the service to go through a competitive tendering process to drive down costs as well as keep the quality of provision on offer to young people.  Examples of some of the activities that can be accessed through the DPS include:

  • Music: DJing, Song Writing, Drumming and singing
  • Sport and Physical Activity: Free Running, Cheerleading, Martial Arts, Golf, American Football and Team Building
  • Art: Animation, Film Making, Graffiti Art, Cake Decorating and Fashion Design
  • Personal Development: Hair and Beauty, Cooking and Mindfulness


Having the system in place has resulted in the same amount of provision being offered, of a high quality, but at a lower cost, which has resulted in savings being made to the service’s enrichment budget, which can then be used towards other resources..